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Emma is based in Atlanta GA.

She dances with Kit Modus and as a freelancer.

Emma has worked with Yoshito Sakuraba, Christian Denise, Mark Caserta, Jillian Mitchell, Bryan Arias, Rubén Julliard, Thaddeus Davis,

Tanya Wideman Davis

and many more.


beginning in 2019, joining the company for Mark Caserta's prettyend. Since joining the company, Emma has premiered  leading roles in Jillian Mitchell's Figment, Yoshito Sakuraba's Murder Party, Ruben Julliard's Outsider, Christian Denise's Elapsed, and Alexander Espinoza's Ikebana. Through Kit Modus, Emma has worked with students at UNCSA, University of Georgia, and Decatur School of Ballet, coaching and guiding choreographic process.

Career highlights include:

dancing the lead role in Jillian Mitchell's Figment, an evening-length work created in collaboration with Philip G Anderson (2019 & 2021)

and performing Shaun Boyle's Honor and Ash at the Kennedy Center (2018)


Emma has danced in several independent projects throughout Atlanta appearing at Fall for Fall (2021 &2022), Dance Canvas (2021 & 2022), Modern Atlanta Dance Festival (2019 & 2021), Excuse the Art (2020), Mixtape (2019 and 2020) and in dance films.

She has danced for choreographers Catherine Messina, Leo Briggs, Liz Stillerman, Patsy Collins, and Samantha Spriggs. She has formerly worked with Full Radius Dance and Zoetic Dance.

Emma's choreography has been presented in Columbia, Boston, Atlanta, and Sarasota. Recognition includes 2018 Emerging Choreographer for Sarasota Contemporary Dance, MIXTAPE 2019 artist, and Luminarium 2019 24hr ChoreoFest choreographer. Her films have been shown by Jacob Jonas Company Digital Film Fest 2020, Zoetic Dance Distance Disco, and at the 2021 Alabama Screendance Festival.


Most recently, Emma is the recipient of the Atlanta Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs Pandemic Atlanta grant.



Emma began her studies with Todd Eric Allen at Northwest Florida Ballet Académie, and continued to train seriously in ballet through her high school years, culminating her studies with Andrea Hill and Nina Danilova at City Ballet of Wilmington. During her training she spent summers with ABT, Ballet Academy of Texas, Ballet Hawaii, University of Oklahoma, and UNCSA.


She received her Bachelors of Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography as well as her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science from the University of South Carolina in 2018.

At U of SC she studied with Tanya Wideman Davis, Thaddeus Davis, Stacey Calvert, and Shannon Ludlum. Emma performed ballets by George Balanchine and Petipa. She also created roles in works by Bryan Arias, Shaun Boyle, Tanya Wideman Davis, Thaddeus Davis, Madeline Jazz Harvey, and more. She has spent time with Axis Connect, New Dialect, Staibdance, and NW Dance Project. 

My latest projects
Emma Morris dancer

Latest Projects


Looking at presence and absence, proximity and distance, this film is an honest exploration of what quarantine feels like for an artist. Where is distance and how to we feel it? The film received the 2020 Pandemic Atlanta grant from the Atlanta Mayors office of Cultural Affairs and has been selected for 2021 Alabama Screendance Festival, Zoetic Dance's Distance Disco and for Jacob Jonas Company's Digital Film Fest. 

Created in collaboration with dancer Alessia Lovreglio Wilson and musicians Anna Paula De Biase and Francesco Massaro. 

work-in-progress puratory

Footage of purgatory, a work-in-progress created by Jillian Mitchell for Kit Modus. Purgatory was performed in May, June, and July of 2021and was also used as part of a collaboration with University of Georgia Dance Department.



Emma is the tall dancer at the center


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